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    "I have to say, I notice this every episode but Seamus your eyes POP."
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    "You know, its interesting about Stana. I do believe she could shoot somebody. No, seriously, there are a lot of actresses out there holding guns and you are like, eh, come on."
    — Susan Sullivan (as Nathan laughs and agrees in the background), Deep Cover commentary (via becketts-areola)

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    Athens Insider - Interview with Stana Katic (x)

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    HOW LONG IT TAKES TO READ THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR BOOKS: http://shortlist.com/entertainment/books/how-long-it-takes-to-read-the-worlds-most-popular-books

    My brain likes this like this.

    This is almost too good.

    I gotta go, I have some reading to do.

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    "I felt that taking Beckett out of her common areas, out of her comfort zone, out of her usual places and into hostile territory was something that Stana, as an actress, was up for. And up for carrying a very heavy show entirely on her shoulders. That was actually the beginning of this show because we think that she can do it."
    — Rob Bowman on Stana Katic’s preparation for In The Belly of The Beast. (via alwayswritewithcoffee)

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    AM: It’s interesting watching the maturity that Beckett has in this. In other episodes she would have run out into traffic after this guy with blinders on and ended up running off a roof like she did in ‘Always’. But there’s a maturity to her in this, much more tactical, much more emotionally detached. She wants to take this guy down, but she wants to do it in a smart way. It’s part of her arc of growth.

    DA: She’s not really willing to throw her life away anymore. So it’s a simple and clear way to express that.

    RB: Look at the guy, the hand, decision time. Not gonna run off a roof anymore.

    — Andrew Marlowe, David Amann, and Rob Bowman, In The Belly of the Beast Commentary (via becketts-areola)

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    Castle Season 7 - Promo AXN Espana

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