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    I hate that like 30 minute period before going out where you’re stuck in activity limbo and don’t know what to do because you’re leaving soon

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    Season 7 premieres two months from today! #Castle

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    old clocktower converted into a penthouse

    It’s like a real life Birds of Prey clock tower!!!!!

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    Well, we’re going to need to break out the popcorn to see how this plays out. But it looks interesting to me. Thanks castle88ny!

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    Zac and Missy being adorable newly-weds at Nerd HQ 2014

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    The Script - Foto del diario | via Facebook em We Heart It.

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    We’ve only one life to live so love what you do.

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    The Script - No Sound Without Silence (Tracklist + “It’s Not Right for You” Premiere)

    1. No Good in Goodbye
    2. Superheroes +
    3. Man on a Wire
    4. It’s Not Right for You +
    5. The Energy Never Dies
    6. Flares
    7. Army of Angels
    8. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”
    9. Paint the Town Green
    10. Without Those Songs
    11. Hail Rain or Sunshine
    12. Howl at the Moon

    Pre-order on iTunes!

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    The road so far